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What is fluopicolide?

Fluopicolide, which belongs to a new chemical class of fungicides, exhibits a high antifungal activity against a broad spectrum of oomycetes, such as Phytophthora infestans, Plasmopara viticola, and various Pythium species.

Mode of Action

Fluopicolide works by disorganizing the pathogens’s cell structure, disrupting the formation of spectrin like proteins. This novel mode of action is highly effective against pathogens at all key stages I its life cycle.

Features of Action

Complete and even distribution on the leaves, stem and petioles offering a Perfect Coverage
Even distribution and translaminar activity makes it Long Lasting
Moves quickly from leaves to stems resulting in Fast Intake

Application of fluopicolide

1.Root irrigation: When transplanting and planting crops such as cucumber, cabbage, etc., it can be used to dip the roots or irrigate the roots with chemicals, and then cover the soil, which can prevent crops well. Downy mildew occurs before fruiting.
2.Spray: in the early stage of downy mildew of cucumber, melon, grape, cabbage and other crops, it can be used to spray the crops, which can be quickly controlled Disease hazards and spread. When the disease is serious, the concentration can be increased and sprayed for 2 to 3 times, which can completely eradicate downy mildew, blight, late blight and other diseases.



Dose rate



Downy mildew

900-1125 ml/ha



Late blight

900-1125 ml/ha



Downy mildew

900-1125 ml/ha




900-1125 ml/ha




900-1125 ml/ha



Late blight

900-1125 ml/ha


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1.Basic Information of fungicide fluopicolide
Product Name fluopicolide
Other Name Picobenzamid; Presidio
CAS No. 239110-15-7
Chemical Name 2,6-Dichloro-N-[[3-chloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridyl]methyl]benzamide; AE-C 638206; Adorn 4FL
Molecular Weight 383.58 g/mol
Formula C14H8Cl3F3N2O
Tech & Formulation 97%TCFluopicolide 62.5g/L + propamocarb hydrochloride625g/L SCFluopicolide+cyazofamid SCFluopicolide+metalaxyl-M SCFluopicolide+ dimethomorph SCFluopicolide+ pyraclostrobin SC
Appearance for TC Light yellow to off White powder
Physical and chemical properties Boiling Point:387.1 to 477.1 ºC(760 mmHg)Melting point:150 ºCFlash point:186.4 to 243.8 ºC
Toxicity Be safe to human being, livestock, environment.

Formulation of fluopicolide


TC 97% TC
Liquid formulation Fluopicolide 62.5g/L + propamocarb hydrochloride625g/L SCFluopicolide+cyazofamid SCFluopicolide+metalaxyl-M SCFluopicolide+ dimethomorph SCFluopicolide+ pyraclostrobin SC
Powder formulation Fluopicolide + fosetyl-aluminium WGFluopicolide + cymoxanil WG

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Package of fluopicolide

fluopicolide Package

TC 25kg/bag  25kg/drum
WDG Big package: 25kg/bag  25kg/drum
Small package 100g/bag250g/bag500g/bag1000g/bagor as your demand
SC Big package 200L/plastic or Iron drum
Small package 100ml/bottle250ml/bottle500ml/bottle1000ml/bottleAlu bottle/Coex bottle/HDPE bottleor as your demand
Note Made according to your demand

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Shippment of fluopicolide

Shippment way:by sea/ by air/ by express

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Q1: Do you support registration ?
Yes,we can support

Q2: Is it possible to custom the labels with my own design?
Yes, and you just need to send us your drawings or artworks, then you can get you want.

Q3: How does your factory control the quality.
Quality is the life of our factory, first, each raw materials, come to our factory, we will test it firstly, if qualified, we will process the manufacturing with this raw materials, if not, we will return it to our supplier, and after each manufacturing step, we will test it, and then all the manufacturing process finished, we will do the final test before the commodities left our factory.

Q4: How about your service?
We provide 7*24 hours service, and whenever you need, we will always here with you, and besides, we can provide one stop purchasing for you, and when you purchase our commodities, we can arrange testing, custom clearance, and logistic for you!

Q5: Does free samples available for quality evaluation?
Yes, of course, we can provide free samples for you before you buy commercial quantity.

Q6: What is the delivery time?
For small quantity, it will take only 1-2 days for delivery, and after large quantity, it will take about 1-2 weeks.

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