Lufenuron 40% + Emamectin benzoate 5%WDG for lepidopterous Pests on soybean

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How does Lufenuron work?

Lufenuron is an inhibitor of insect chitin synthesis, which can inhibit the molting process of insects, so that the larvae cannot complete normal ecological development and then die; in addition, it also has a certain killing effect on the eggs of pests.

Main feature of Lufenuron

①Lufenuron has stomach poisoning and contact killing effects, no systemic absorption, ovicidal
②Broad insecticidal spectrum: Lufenuron is effective against lepidopteran pests of corn, soybeans, peanuts, vegetables, citrus, cotton, potatoes, grapes and other crops.
③make mixture formulation or use with other pesticide

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Application of Lufenuron

When using lufenuron, suggest use it before occurrence or in the early stage of pest occurrence,and use mixture formulation or use with other pesticide
Emamectin benzoate + Lufenuron WDG:  This formula is widely used in agricultural production, and the cost is relatively low, mainly to control lepidopteran pests.All crops are available, dead bugs are slow.
Abamectin + Lufenuron SC:  A broad-spectrum insecticidal formula, the cost is relatively low, mainly for early prevention. Abamectin is effective against a variety of pests, but the larger the insect, the worse the effect. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in the early stage. If the insect has been clearly seen , don’t use it like this.
Chlorfenapyr + lufenuron SC:   This recipe has been the hottest recipe on the agricultural market for the past two years. The insecticidal speed is fast, the eggs are all killed, and more than 80% of the insects are dead within an hour after the application. The combination of the quick-acting insecticide of chlorfenapyr and the egg-killing of lufenuron is a golden partner. However, this recipe cannot be used on melon crops, nor is it recommended for cruciferous vegetables.
Indoxacarb + Lufenuron:  the cost has the high. But the safety and insecticidal effect are also the best. In the formula of chlorfenapyr + lufenuron, the resistance has increased greatly in recent years, and indoxacarb + lufenuron will have great potential, although the dead insects are slow, but the lasting effect is long.

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Basic Information

1.Basic Information of Lufenuron
Product Name lufenuron
CAS No. 103055-78
Molecular Weight 511.15000
Formula C17H8Cl2F8N2O3
Tech & Formulation Lufenuron 98%TCLufenuron 5% ECLufenuron 5% SC

Lufenuron + chlorfenapyr SC

Abamectin+ Lufenuron SC

Lufenuron 40% + Emamectin benzoate 5%WDG

Appearance for TC Off White to light yellow powder
Physical and chemical properties Appearance: White or light yellow crystal powder.Melting Point: 164.7-167.7°CVapor pressure <1.2 X 10 -9 Pa (25 °C);

Solubility in water (20°C) <0.006mg/L.

Other solvents Solubility (20°C, g/L): methanol 41, acetone 460, toluene 72, n-hexane 0.13, n-octanol 8.9

Toxicity Be safe to human being, livestock, environment.

Formulation of Lufenuron


TC 70-90%Lufenuron TC
Liquid formulation Lufenuron 5% ECLufenuron 5% SCLufenuron + lambda-cyhalothrin SC

Lufenuron + chlorfenapyr SC

Abamectin+ Lufenuron SC

Indoxacarb + Lufenuron SC

Tolfenpyrad + Lufenuron SC

Powder formulation Lufenuron 40% + Emamectin benzoate 5%WDG

Quality Inspection Report

①COA of LufenuronTC

COA of  Lufenuron T C

Index name Index value Measured  value
Appearance White powder Conforms
purity ≥98.0% 98.1%
Loss on drying (%) ≤2.0% 1.2%
PH 4-8 6

②COA of Lufenuron 5 % EC

Lufenuron 5 %  EC COA
Item Standard Results
Appearance Light yellow liquid Light yellow liquid
Active Ingredient Content, % 50g/L min 50.2
Water, % 3.0max 2.0
pH Value 4.5-7.0 6.0
Emulsion stability Qualified Qualified

③COA of Lufenuron 40%+ Emamectin benzoate  5% WDG

 Lufenuron 40%+ Emamectin benzoate  5% WDG COA
Item Standard Results
Physical form Off-White Granular Off-White Granular
Lufenuron Content 40% min. 40.5%
Emamectin benzoate Content 5% min. 5.1%
PH 6-10 7
Suspensibility 75% min. 85%
Water 3.0% max. 0.8%
Wetting time 60 s max. 40
Fineness (passed 45 mesh) 98.0% min. 98.6%
Persistent foaming (after 1 min) 25.0 ml max. 15
Disintegration time 60 s max. 30
Dispersion 80% min. 90%

Package of Lufenuron

Lufenuron Package

TC 25kg/bag 25kg/drum
WDG Big package: 25kg/bag  25kg/drum
Small package 100g/bag250g/bag500g/bag


or as your demand

EC/SC Big package 200L/plastic or Iron drum
Small package 100ml/bottle250ml/bottle500ml/bottle



Alu bottle/Coex bottle/HDPE bottle

or as your demand

Note Made according to your demand

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Shippment of Lufenuron

Shippment way:by sea/ by air/ by express

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Q1: Is it possible to custom the labels with my own design?
Yes, and you just need to send us your drawings or artworks, then you can get you want.

Q2: How does your factory control the quality.
Quality is the life of our factory, first, each raw materials, come to our factory, we will test it firstly, if qualified, we will process the manufacturing with this raw materials, if not, we will return it to our supplier, and after each manufacturing step, we will test it, and then all the manufacturing process finished, we will do the final test before the commodities left our factory.

Q3:how to store?
Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a well-ventilated place.
Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.

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